Silencing the Sound of Aggression


I worked on an emotional issue I faced at work. I struggled with situations where people were aggressive with me. I work with the general public and as soon as someone raised their voice or became demanding, well I would feel daunted and clam up, and be totally unable to manage the situation. At times, it would paralyze me. In the job I do I often come into contact with people who can be aggressive and when I froze like that, I couldn’t help them. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, all communication was cut off. I clearly had inappropriate reactions and couldn’t manage the situation, find a solution. So, it was in this context that I was able to use Tipi emotional regulation.

I was in my office one day, and the first person walked in. She had a way of being and a tone of voice that made me react, I was upset and afraid and didn’t feel like my normal natural self. Something wasn’t right. I closed my eyes and noticed the physical feelings in my body – especially tightness in my stomach, shoulders, and head, and just let them arise and be there. I then just carried on noticing them as they changed, got stronger and eventually calmed down. Afterward, I felt like the pressure had released and I could respond naturally and continue doing my job normally.

From then on, almost everything in my life changed. My life became much more serene, much more peaceful, much more positive. I see my life differently, my work differently, my social relationships differently too. In fact, my vision of life changed altogether, I can imagine it differently. On the other hand, I can see all the negativity around me and that I used to be like that. In fact, I think that I can contribute more to certain projects and my contact with people because I’m no longer afraid because I have a different vision.

Everyone around me tells me that I’ve changed, that I’ve transformed myself. They don’t know how I don’t tell them (laughs).